Cellular network

Cellular network is a type of wireless communication system that uses a network of cell towers or base stations to provide mobile voice and data services to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. These networks divide geographic areas into smaller regions called cells, each served by a base station.

Mobile devices connect to the nearest cell tower, and as users move, their connection is handed off seamlessly to adjacent towers, allowing for continuous communication without interruption. A cellular network uses radio frequencies to transmit signals, enabling users to make calls, send text messages, browse the internet, and use mobile apps.

Cellular networks are essential for enabling mobile communication and have evolved through generations, with 4G (LTE) and 5G being the latest advancements. 4G networks provide high-speed data connectivity, while 5G offers even faster speeds, lower latency, and improved capacity, paving the way for innovative applications like IoT (Internet of Things) and advanced multimedia services.


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