FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol for transferring files between servers or basically computers over a network. It is commonly used to transfer files between computers on the internet, but can also be used to transfer files between computers on a local network.

FTP works by establishing a connection between a client and a server. The client can then send commands to the server to upload or download files, or to perform other file management tasks. FTP supports both active and passive modes, which determine how the client and server establish the connection. In active mode, the client establishes a connection to the server and sends commands to the server. In passive mode, the client sends a command to the server, which then establishes a connection back to the client to transmit the data.

To sum up, FTP is a simple, text-based protocol that is easy to use and is supported by a wide range of client and server software. It is an essential tool for transferring files over the internet and is widely used by individuals and organizations of all sizes. Its default port is 21.

What is SFTP?

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a secure version of FTP that uses SSH (Secure Shell) to encrypt data transmitted over the internet. Its default port is 22.


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